The Astronomical, Astrological and Mythological 2016

Short film 22:54 minutes

The Astronomical, Astrological and Mythological is a short film and it contains 3 individual stories. It assembles and simulates dreamlike things and their interaction with the psychological conscious activity of several individuals. It explores how dreamlike states, states of liminal, states of consciousness and unconsciousness are distinct and mixed up with each other by using a series of simple gestures. There is some conflict, confusion, and things that are going on, but no conspicuous climax. It shows the characters’ ordinary life and portrays the suspense related to an inner process that is unresolved.


Winner of Best Experimental Film - Logcinema Arts Films 2018

Official Selection - Mediterranean Film Festival 2018

Official Selection - 8th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival 2017

Official Selection - 67th Montecatini International Short Film Festival 2016

Winner of Award of Recognition - Accolade Global Film Competition 2016

Official Selection - Lisbon International Film Festival 2016


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